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Armchair to Active- Our 6-week programme to get active

Get Active with Nordic Walking

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Are you wanting to:


⭐️ Be more ACTIVE? 


⭐️ Try something NEW?


⭐️ Find a healthier YOU? 


Then step forward to fitness in 2022 with our bespoke ARMCHAIR to ACTIVE COURSE.

Our unique 6-week programme is designed to encourage those who are INACTIVE to get ACTIVE by NORDIC WALKING!


Regular and brisk walking is shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer, such as bladder, breast, and colon cancer, as well as boost mental health.


Adding poles makes your walk doubly effective and enables a full body workout.


Each week we build on technique, distance and pace and have created an easy-to-follow programme, with extra support and motivation from our instructors along the way.

What's included:

Motivational hints and tips

Six 1-hour instructor-led walks

NWUK Freedom Passport

Nordic Walking tuition

Advice on buying the right poles for you

Guidance on improving pace and distance

New friendships!

Weekly training plan